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There is a seismic shift happening right now in government procurement.

With SmartProcure’s introduction of the only local, state, and federal government purchasing database, 2014 can be the year you take your business to the next level.

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BlueStar, Inc.

Saves Time

finding new distribution channels to sell through


Law Enforcement Supply

Finds New Customers

based on agency spending habits


Anonymous Education Company

Researches Competitors

by seeing who they do business with and how much they charge


5 Star Rating

“We use SmartProcure for every aspect of our research. We look up agencies to see what they’re buying and how much they’re paying. We look at the vendors that sell to agencies we’re interested in, and then we look at who else they sell to to determine new leads.”

Rob Windesheim

Law Enforcement Supply

5 Star Rating

“SmartProcure is the best way to see government purchasing data. It’s clean, readable, and fast. Even with all the data I can get elsewhere, much of it doesn’t become actionable until I match it with SmartProcure’s data.”

Peggy Lane

BlueStar, Inc.

You can see what your local competitors around the corner are up to...and on the other side of the country

See everyone your competitors are selling to, what they’re selling, and how much they charge. That’s right, SmartProcure shows you actual purchase orders. Millions upon millions of them, from all over the nation.

Find new government clients

You can search for all government agencies that have bought your products & services (and see what they’ve been paying). Focus on the ones in your backyard, or go after new business on the other side of the country. With SmartProcure’s data, you’ll have what you need to focus your resources on likely customers.

Gain a competitive advantage and protect your revenue stream

Most in the government sector are holding on to outdated tools with no idea how vulnerable they are now. Only 20% of government purchases utilize an RFP or bid, but the common tools are RFP & bid services! Small businesses like yours can silently waltz in and see the 80% of contracts that the common tools can’t see, and even find opportunities to take from larger competitors.

See everything from the big picture to your backyard

With SmartProcure, you get the tools to see exactly what your competitors are doing (who they sell to, what they sell, and what they charge) whether it’s somebody down the street or across the country.

Get an aerial view of any market, then dive down to the line-item level

With the Market Analytics view, you can get a detailed snapshot of any market, whether it’s for a product, service, agency, or vendor. You can then dive into any individual purchase order to see all the details.

Identify every government agency that has been overpaying

With our Pricing tool, you can search for any product or service and focus only on those who have paid more than a specified amount. If you sell M401DNE printers for $248, you can search for any government agency that paid more than $248. You can also use the Pricing tool to analyze potential markets and determine competitive pricing.

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