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SmartPortal makes your citizen portal valuable.

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Increase trust and citizen engagement.

Transparency creates trust. Easily share spending data on your website without any development effort.

Impact economic growth and development.

Provide locally-owned, minority-owned & relocating businesses with countless growth opportunities.

Reduce records requests with 24/7 information access.

Decrease records requests by providing the public with one-click answers, right from your website.


Boost civic engagement & build trust.

Increasingly, citizens are requiring greater transparency in government. Easily give them access to your key spending data so they have a better understanding of key decisions your agency makes. In the process, create greater engagement and trust.

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Inform community leaders.

Policymakers, public servants and business owners are large consumers of open data. The data is used to stretch budgets, create policy and unearth opportunities for growth.

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Do it simply and efficiently.

The process of collecting and displaying an agency’s spending data used to be complex and time consuming. Not any more. Decide what spending data you want to display and we’ll do the rest.

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