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Government bid opportunities.

Government Bid Opportunities

Every year, more than 85,000 government agencies order goods and services from national and local contractors, creating thousands of government bid opportunities for companies to take advantage of. By gaining access to government spending, small businesses can increase their sales and put them ahead of their competitors.

Government Contract Jobs

Landing government contract jobs is much easier with the right information. SmartProcure provides clients with a comprehensive, searchable database of past government-issued orders on products and services both nationally and locally as well as information about competing vendors.

With customizable search options, SmartProcure can give businesses the information they need to find government agencies that typically order their products or services, find out how much they typically spend on purchase orders, analyze current market trends, and plan their bids accordingly.


Government RFP

SmartProcure’s revolutionary software allows local and national businesses to get a leg up on the competition by searching information previously unavailable to the public.

Through increased transparency, we can improve competition among businesses while helping them gain access to government contracting opportunities. Increase your business’ chances of receiving a Government RFP by conducting market analyses and offering the most competitive pricing in your industry.


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  • SmartProcure has revolutionized how we identify opportunities and sell our services. It is a game changer for our Federal sales process.

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