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80% of what local, state & federal government agencies spend never goes out to bid.
See what is spent by agency, product & supplier using the SmartProcure transparency tool.


"SmartProcure's data also allows businesses to search for the areas where their product is likely to be in highest demand."


"SmartProcure provides a wealth of valuable information for suppliers. Suppliers are willing to purchase the insights from procurement data."

The Washington Post

"SmartProcure gives our users the ability to see precisely how to competitively price and market their products and services."

The Washington Post

For Vendors

See Who Buys Exactly What You Sell

See Who Buys Exactly What You Sell

Every year, thousands of government agencies look to purchase products and services, creating ample opportunities for both large and small businesses to sell to the government. By gaining access to SmartProcure, businesses can see which agencies can buy their products and services, helping them increase their government sales and get ahead of their competitors.

Find Hidden Government Sales Opportunities

It’s estimated that 80% of government purchases don’t fall under a formal RFP or bid process. SmartProcure’s searchable database of government purchase orders on products and services uncovers these hidden government sales opportunities to businesses so they can increase revenue and gain steady government customers. Businesses can also know how much agencies typically spend on products and services, current market trends, and how to plan their bids accordingly.

Find Hidden Government Sales Opportunities

For Government Agencies

Find Best Prices

Find Best Prices

Not all vendors offer the same product for the same price. Whether you're looking for the best price or negotiating best price with a vendor, see what other agencies have paid for the product or service you are interested in buying.

Find and Validate Vendors

Vendor quality varies from vendor to vendor. Use SmartProcure to find vendors offering products you're interested in buying - and find others who have worked with the vendor you're considering.

Find and Validate Vendors

Uncover a Government Networking Ecosystem

  • SmartProcure has revolutionized how we identify opportunities and sell our services. It is a game changer for our Federal sales process.

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